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What is the origin of Saba Pistachios?

Pistachio is a dried fruit of ancient origin. According to the legend, the ancient country of Saba (located in the current territories of Ethiopia and Yemen) was a rich and advanced country ruled by an intelligent and diplomatic woman: the Queen of Saba.

The Queen of Saba had such a predilection for this delicious dried fruit that she decreed that it was exclusive food for royals. Through this Decree, the Queen of Saba even banned commoners from eating pistachios because they considered themselves unable to value such precious food.

The Queen of Saba demanded every year a whole crop of the best pistachios to be able to taste them. As the stories tell, the Queen of Saba enjoyed this delicacy in the company of her lovers of a thousand and one nights.

In the Iberian Peninsula, pistachio began to be cultivated in Roman times, it was developed by the Arabs and disappeared in the Middle Ages with the Moors. It was not until 1980 when the cultivation of this beneficial and exquisite dried fruit was reintroduced in Spain.

At present, there are few pistachio fields in Spain. From SABA Pistachios we want to recover this traditional and history crop to adapt it to the needs of today’s society. We have more than 200 hectares of cultivation and in the next 3 years we will increase by 150 hectares more.

Our goal is to move towards the ecological side with this dry fruit of millenary origin so that our clients can enjoy a pistachio of exceptional flavor and texture while taking care of our planet with sustainable cultivation techniques.

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